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Osho Neo-Reiki

In Osho Neo-Reiki as I present it, there are:

  • Initiations into the First Degree
  • the Second Degree
  • the Master Degree


The First Degree

The First Degree begins with an introduction to "Energy" and the History of Reiki with updates on the actual streams. The basic positions (around twenty) for partner-treatment and the positions for self-treatment (seven, according to the energy centres in the body) are being demonstrated and practiced.Moreover a Quick-treatment for harmonizing these energy centres (chakras) and their places in the body is taught. In addition I give first explanations to the different qualities of the chakras and their possible expression.


Basic guidelines to the issue of "Sickness and Healing" can help to bring more light and understanding into the emotions and thought patterns, lying underneath a symptom.An introduction into Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Meditation gives participants the possibility to experience the effects of these active Meditation techniques and to use them maybe later when old emotions like suppressed anger are surfacing.


The Second Degree

The Second Degree teaches detailed instructions and practices with the three Reiki-symbols as they were passed on by Mrs. Takata to Mary McFadyen.The first symbol strengthens the given energy and awakens my potential of powerful fire energy.


The second symbol I am introducing for the specific technique, called "Mental Healing", i.e. healing through the layers of the mind. This symbol creates a bridge between the normal mind and its subconscious and super conscious layers; and inside me it creates a clearer perception of them.The third symbol teaches us how to give Reiki Distant Treatments; and how to become more aware when projecting energy or emotions on others.


The Master Degree

The training for the Master Degree for teaching and initiating others follows after an appropriate time of practicing.

Aura Soma Neo Reiki Light Pen Crystal Healing Pratibha Schedule Contact